About Us

What We're Excited About


 Tin Mirror Productions is a film production company, founded in 2016 by two seasoned production professionals, Joe LoBianco and Tom DiOrio.  Their vision had a single goal in mind, to create experiences that are intensely compelling for audiences. It is the overall mission of each production to draw audiences into the story and to make them feel as if it is their own.

"We want to compel and engage our audience on an emotional level to create a sense of participation," explains director, Joe LoBianco.  "We accomplish this by creating perspectives in each scene that are so emotionally real, it instantly pulls them into the story."

Our Values



Each member of the organization should share in the company's success  


Both sides of a business transaction should come away feeling that they have been treated fairly.

Pursuit of Excellence

Company-wide quest to develop a better product and to upgrade operational efficiency.

Community Involvement

Active participation to improve the quality of life for society as a whole.


Constantly searching for emerging audience needs and designing best-in-class film productions to address those needs.

Concern for Employees' Welfare

Supply employees with the resources they need to enhance their careers as more than a just means of earning wages. This includes technology, human resources and funding



"The epitome of great film"  - Leah's Movie Lowdown

"Excellent Cinema "  - The Film Critic Next Door

"One of the most tasteful and innovative directors around" - John Culkin, Citirock TV

"Beautiful...exquisite" D. Scofield, Bloomingdale's

"A master of setting imagery" C. Herman, Olsten Corp.

"The best fight pictures in the business" Toontown MMA

"You capture emotion and intensity perfectly" NY Fight Exchange

“Made from the heart and that’s what makes it so great”  - Time Travel Reviews.


“When a film comes along that does the disabled community justice, it’s refreshing.” – Film Daddy

Our Team

Joe LoBianco - Director

Joe LoBianco

 Joe is a director who makes feature films, documentaries and TV. Having worked in TV and music previously, Joe’s first love is film & photography.  As a director of music and film Joe started his career working for commercial and industrial clients such as the New York Jets, Bloomingdales and IBM. Joe’s photography has been featured in many publications throughout the world including The NY Post. His work has circulated to millions. Joe recently completed directing the full length feature "3 Doors From Paradise" and a book trailer for "Grateful Guilt". He is currently directing "ChokeHold" for TV.  


Tom DiOrio

 Tom produced the full length feature 3 Doors From Paradise now in world wide distribution and is currently producing ChokeHold for TV. Tom is also the owner of a prosperous Dunn & Bradstreet listed, government contracted company and he owns a successful entertainment venue in NY. His other talents include audio engineering and musical composition. Tom has electrical and mechanical engineering backgrounds. 


Bernie Furshpan

Bernie is highly successful in his marking business. He is also a concert promoter and producer with productions at Lincoln Center. His marketing clients include NASCAR and American Airlines. Bernie was the owner of a NY Jazz Club and currently books the Triad Theatre. He also does talent management and has been executive producer for TV.